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Industrial Energy. Electricity or Gas. We got it covered!

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Energy Procurement and Network Tariff optimisation Experts!

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Electricity Power Poles and Wires

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Infrastructure upgrades or new connections. We'll manage it!

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PowerMaintenance : Commercial and Industrial Energy Brokers


electricity and gas brokers

Our energy brokers monitor the electricity and gas markets, track current and future trends, and bring you to market at the best time for maximum savings. With one look at your current energy bill we will identify inflated rates and unnecessary network charges.

electricity metering

Our account managers monitor your electricity and gas usage and provide you with succinct monthly reports that detail your regular energy usage and highlight abnormal or wasteful usage. Our reporting platforms enable you to retain control of when and where you use electricity and gas.

new connections and upgrades

Our consultants will liaise with your facilities manager, engineer, or electrician to ensure your site is within the appropriate network classification. Our relationships with the network providers will ensure your new contract or upgrade is within the estimated electricity or gas variance clauses and completed on time.

energy efficiency

Our energy consultants are accredited according to the Australian/New Zealand 3598:2000 Energy Audits standard. We will visit your site, and spot inefficient or outdated infrastructure and machinery that contribute to excess electricity and gas usage and network charges.

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  • No Tendering or Account Management Fees

  • Network Tariff Specialist

  • Single-site, Multi-site or Group Tenders

  • Flexible Single or Multi-year Price Quotes

  • Extended Payment Period on Energy Bills

  • Large Industrial Commercial Energy Specialists

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