Energy Efficiency Services

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Industrial Energy Audits

Our partners of qualified auditors and engineers conduct comprehensive commercial and industrial energy or sustainability and waste audits and provide specialist technical advice in the growing field of energy efficiency.

Industrial Electricians

Our partner electricians and electrical engineers are responsible for all electrical repairs, insulations and automation services, and the electrical setup and maintenance our embedded networks and large commercial buildings.

Government Financial Support

If you have an innovative energy efficiency project you would like to get off the ground, Focused Management Strategies can help you identify what state and federal government funding might be available and how to access them.

LED Lighting Solutions

Ledsen LED lighting solutions typically deliver pay back periods in under twelve months. Their LED lights do not produce heat which lowers air-conditioning costs and CO2 emissions. This translates directly into significant cost savings.

low-voltage technologies

HTC has a wide range of high quality low voltage products at competitive prices. HTC is an authorised value provider for ABB products in the power, automation and control industry, and sole agent in Australia for Fagor Automation and BEI encoders.

Solar Energy Systems

Our energy consultants will help you find a solar energy system with an accredited installer. We will also provide contractual advice about rate changes for electricity drawn from and fed back into the electricity grid.